Welcome to the wonderful community of Techstars Startup Weekend. If you aren’t already aware you are about to join the largest group of community leaders in the world. Organizing can be an extremely rewarding experience and lead to some amazing opportunities if you plan correctly. This guide is meant to help you along the way. Make sure to read through it, share it with the rest of your team, and use it as a reference. It may be long, but should have everything you need to navigate your role as an organizer. Good luck!

Before you Start

Please make sure to read through our Rules and Requirements. These rules are in place to help you create the best event possible while staying true to the Startup Weekend mission. We've learned of lot from the 1000's of events across the world, there is no need to repeat our mistakes.

Read Our Guide to Forming an Organizing Team. These events can be a lot of work, before you start make sure you have a team ready and able to support you along this journey.

How To Use This Guide

This guide is designed to be the ultimate resource for helping organizers plan their Techstars Startup Weekend. From high-level to nitty-gritty details, we’ve compiled and consolidated all our event organizing experiences into an easily-navigable and accessible resource. The bulk of this guide, however, is broken down in sections based on topic. We suggest new organizers skim through each section, then dive into each section in detail as you tackle the topic. Don’t forget to check out all the additional resources we have linked in the appendix.

Caution How to Screw Up Your EventThroughout this guide you will see sections like this one, to help you avoid major event mistakes. These suggestions all come from failures we’ve experienced ourselves while planning our own events. We hope you can learn from our mistakes!

Common mistakes before the event:

Hesitate to ask questions. Your Regional Manager is there for a reason: to ensure you have a successful event. Check in regularly. Trust us, we’ll save you a lot of time & energy.

Neglect to post & email out a final schedule & directions. Double check the information listed on Eventbrite.

Live in a bubble.Talk to previous organizers and others in your region. They have a lot of wisdom and love to share it

This Guide is Ever-Evolving

While we have kept the information general enough so that it applies across many regions, many resources/suggestions may only be relevant in certain contexts. Currently, most of the guide and downloadable content is in English-only, although we hope to have it translated in multiple languages soon. Ultimately, in the spirit of lean methodology, this guide is a work in progress. If you have questions, please reach out to your regional manager, as they will have extensive information from past events.